The Artful Home: Using Art & Craft to Create Living Spaces You'll Love

The Artful Home
Using Art & Craft to Create Living Spaces You'll Love
by Toni Sikes, Founder of The Guild
A leading advocate for living with original art, Guild founder Toni Sikes reveals her secrets for creating an artful home that expresses your personality and nourishes your soul. Her helpful advice aids you in identifying your personal style, then teaches you how to express it by thinking like an artist - using concepts like composition, scale, texture, and color to create special spaces that shape you as much as you shape them.

From the smallest objects to the largest surfaces, Sikes shares her ideas for incorporating art into everyday life, then takes you on a room-by-room journey that opens your eyes to the artful possibilities.

Drawing upon her vast experience as CEO of The Guild, Sikes closes with advice on finding original art that reflects your style and budget and caring for it properly so that it will last for years to come.

Scores of full-color photographs throughout the book, featuring the work of artists and interior designers from across North America, provide additional ideas and inspiration. The result: an empowering guide to creating a welcoming haven that truly expresses your soul.

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