Dixon Wallbands wallpaper

So it's official: wallpaper is totally back. Like, so far back it's sitting in the seats in the trunk that look out through the rear windshield and let you make faces at the lady behind you in the drive-through line at Wendy's. I don't know much about wallpaper's grand heyday, not having lived through it, but from what I've seen on Trading Spaces it was not designed to be removed. Ever.

Which is what makes twenty2's line of Wallbands so exciting--they've got Kyra and Robertson Hartnett's typical neo-mod sense of color and design, but in easy-to-use strips that are specially made so that you can put them up and take them down with a minimum of hassle. If a room outgrows its use (or its inhabitant outgrows the room), take down the Wallbands and start over! Best of all, the paste is already applied to the strips, so you can just wet 'em down and put 'em up.

Wallbands can be installed in any room. Breathable, non- woven material stays mildew free in damp areas. Washable surface wipes clean. Looks great installed horizontally, vertically or ever diagonally.

Get twenty2 Dixon Wallbands wallpaper at DesignPublic: link

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