UNusual Love: 14 UNusual Valentine's gift ideas under $50

The saying "stop and smell the roses" takes on a whole new meaning with these odorless paper roses that are handmade completely from elephant poop! Eco-friendly, innovative, sanitary and stink-free, these sustainable flowers are a wonderful green alternative to fresh cut, imported roses which can put a strain on the environment. Handmade in Thailand. Available in set of three (pink, yellow and red), six (pink, yellow and red) or one dozen (red).

2. Small Recycled Glass Bottle Earringsicon
Doesn't a cold drink sound good? Handmade in Georgia by artist Kathleen Plate, these funky and inventive earrings are made from real beer, Coca-Cola� , wine and water bottles and are sure to quench your thirst for style. Plate's "circle" line is made from cutting and firing the recycled glass, then finishing with sterling silver accents to create a true statement piece. Choose from brown (beer), green (water), teal (wine), or clear (Coca-Cola� ). Handmade in Georgia. Sold individually.

3. 100% Recycled Cotton Squirrel Toteicon
Designer R. Nichols believes "As long as we are doing our little part for the world, why not do it with style?" And who better than a cute little squirrel to remind shoppers that waste affects everyone and everything? This 100% recycled tote is made with 80% post-industrial recycled cotton and 20% post-consumer recycled plastic. Roomy and sturdy with an original illustration, this reusable grocery tote destroys the paper and plastic competition. Made in the USA.

4. Recycled Tin Roseicon
Give a symbol of love that will never wilt. These rose stakes are made from recycled tin and will add new life to any garden, just as the tin is given new life as petals. Handmade in Canada. Due to their recycled materials, each may have unique imperfections, including rust.
Roses are available individually or as a bouquet of 12 - made of three red, three pink, and two each of yellow, white and blue roses.

5. Gidget Gadget Caseicon
Protect your electronics with a case that's as stylishly individual as your taste in gadgets. This Gidget case fits your MP3 players and cell phones like a glove, yet is made from vibrantly colored recycled billboards. The Gidget case features a Velcro-lined back flap that lets you easily attach it to your belt, making it a stylish and supremely functional way to tote your electronic toys.

6. Recycled Fleece Smittensicon
Now you can love the earth and your sweetie with Smittens made from recycled fleece. Invented by knitwear designer Wendy Feller, who came up with the idea for Smittens while on a romantic but chilly walk with her husband, a set of Smittens comes with a set of two regular mittens plus a third over sized one for a couple to share between them. Handmade in Seattle. Set includes one medium mitten, one large mitten, and one smitten to share.

7. Teddy Bear Lampicon
Is it a bear? Is it a lamp? Whichever way you choose to see it, this quirky and unique teddy bear lamp designed by Matthew Kinealy looks weirdly wonderful and will be sure to earn a second look from your guests.
The black fabric covered shade is reflective gold on the inside to enhance Teddy's golden features. His plump body enables you to park him where you please without fear of him toppling over. Sure to light up your room and your heart. Made in China.

8. Eye Heart You Paperweighticon
Capture hearts...and piles of paper with a handmade paperweight by Tamara Hensick . Hand carved out of lead-free pewter, this charming desk accessory is a subtle way to send a romantic message each and every day. Handmade in Los Angeles. Carved on front and back.

9. "i'm Nuts About You" Key Ringicon
If your man is the kind who'll fix anything in your car or your house when you ask him to, it's obvious he's crazy about you: Now you can let him know the feeling is mutual. This silver and gold plated hardware has a brass key ring and arrives in an "I'm nuts about you" gift box. Hand assembled in the USA.

10. Beating Heart Pillowsicon
You won't believe how calm you feel after just a few seconds with the My Beating Heart pillow. This innovative and super-soft pillow recreates the rhythmic pulse of a beating heart, feeling much like a purring pet or a hug from a loved one. You'll slowly feel yourself focusing on the beat and your heart will begin to sync with the calm pulse of the pillow.
With the help of a sophisticated micro-computer, this innovative pillow creates a unique heartbeat every time you turn it on. Using the latest technology and computer science, coupled with the practice of meditation and yoga, this calming pillow's heartbeat is based on the heart when it's in its most peaceful and meditative state. Sure to help you relax, make you more aware of your surroundings and more in tune with your own beating heart. Designed by Yury Gitman.
Available in pink or green colors and small and large sizes. Sold individually.Made in China.

11. Latticino Glass Hearticon
Like an old-fashioned marble, these small latticino glass hearts are full of vibrant, colorful swirls, stripes and spirals. The lively colorful strips hug the curves of the heart creating one fluid visual statement. Handmade by Jody Fine in Mason, Michigan. Like marbles, each is one-of-a-kind and will vary.
Latticino refers to style and design of old-fashioned marbles, characterized by their unique patterns and colors. The tradition of hand making marbles went out of vogue when the industrial revolution made mass-produced marbles possible.

12. "he Loves Me" - Pewter Treasure Boxicon
A ticket stub from your first date. A rose petal from your wedding. A sentimental piece of jewelry or a little love note. Store the tiny treasures and mementos that celebrate your love for one another in this lovely pewter box featuring a delicately carved flower on the lid and the "he loves me" engraved inside. Handmade in the USA of lead-free pewter.

13. Kimochi Emotion Dollsicon
Kimochis have feelings too! With these tactile and interactive toys, children (or feeling-challenged men) will learn how to identify and express their emotions, while parents can better understand what their children are trying to express.
Each quirky and modern toy has an open mouth for storing the "emotions," Each "emotion" is a small polar fleece disk with the emotion written on one side and a facial expression of it on the other. Each toy has its own unique and charming personality and comes with their own set of nine emotions. Made in China.

14. Ceramic Love Vaseicon
The heartwarming touch of artist Beth Mueller on this hand painted ceramic vase is the perfect expression of family, friendship and love. Featuring a drawing of a heart and the caption "love," this tiny vase is a special token of love and is sure to become a lasting keepsake. Made in Vermont.

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