The Globus Scriptorium

The Globus Scriptorium.
The Globus Scriptorium

This is the desk and chair ensconced inside a pod, providing flexible yet unobtrusive working space.

By Dutch innovator Michiel van der Kley, who took his inspiration from examining the eclectic designs conceptualized by 1930s futurists, the 2 1/2' diameter pod is comprised of two durable polyurethane hemispheres that, when opened with its built-in handle, forms a seat and a workspace.
The foam-molded seat swivels 180°, and is padded and luxuriously upholstered in leather, placing users 1 1/2' from the base for comfortable, relaxed reclining while working. The workstation's sturdy volkern plastic desktop unfolds and extends from the front hemisphere, supported by a hidden steel bracket; small items may be stored underneath the work surface.

Requiring a mere 8 3/4' sq. of floor space--roughly the size of a large ottoman--the 3 1/2' L x 2 1/2' W powder-coated aluminum platform supports the pod with two study aluminum uprights that allow the pod to support up to 1,500 lbs. It moves silently on four double-casters equipped with soft rubber treads. Closed 3 3/4' L x 2 1/2' W x 3 1/2' H; extended 4 1/2' L x 2 1/2' W x 3 1/2' H. (70 lbs.)

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