UNusual blue gifts

1. Recycled Yoga Bag
icon Find inner and outer peace with this one-of-a-kind yoga mat tote made from recycled rice and feed bags. Originally, this material was used to carry commodities in Southeast Asia, but was dyed and refashioned into a colorful, durable bag by disadvantaged workers in Cambodia. The proceeds from each bag help provide for these workers. Handcrafted and fair trade certified. No two bags alike. Handmade in Cambodia.
$35 at Uncommon Goods linkicon

icon These eye-catching cufflinks are made from an acquired section of fuselage from a now-retired Pan American Boeing 707. The unique shape recreates the gravity-defying wing ribs of this famous passenger jet. Each pair of wings incorporates the feather-light aluminum and sky-blue paint, harking back to a time when air travel was a luxury, an event for which gentlemen donned suits, ties and yes, cufflinks. Handmade in the USA and Mexico.
$220 at Uncommon Goods linkicon

3. Kapsule Chair The Kapsule Chair is sturdy, yet child friendly with Karim Rashid's trademark soft contours. Naturally multifunctional due to its storage and seating capabilities, yet it is compact enough to be perfect for small spaces. The Kapsule Chair was named "one of the best product designs of the year" in 2002 as a recipient of the Silver level Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA).
$49 at Feel More Human link

4. Mago Sterlino Figurine by Alessi The Alessi Mago Sterlino Figurine designed by Marcello Jori, 2008. "Figure", parte seconda is Alessi's second collection of porcelain figurines. Representing a magical world, the discreet and symbolic presence of the small ornament is seen as an inspiring, reassuring cult object. With this collection of figures, Alessi created a series of faithful little companions to accompany our everyday rituals associated with stories and images. "Mago Sterlino": brings harmony and equilibrium at work. We suggest placing it on your desk or wherever you discuss business: it will help your negotiations be successful.
$32.00 at Lumens link

5. Clover Glass Platters Luck is the theme of these Clover Glass Platters, decorated with four-leaf clovers, with its beautiful colors fused into the glass. Use the platters to serve your favorite treats or perhaps just use it as a catch-all. Perhaps this platter will actually bring you some luck too! Available in Small or Large. Stands sold separately.
$21-$29 at Wrapables link

6. Big Head Coasters These Big Head Coasters are products for the design conscious. Stand them, stack them, line them up, flick them down & put your mug on their big heads. Each set comes in a set of four coasters, with two boys and two girls. Available in two combinations: teal/blue and light/dark brown.
$21.95 at Wrapables Wrapables

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