UNusual black gifts

1. Death Wish Self Portrait Mirror by Choe and Tomlinson The cut-out image in each Self Portrait Mirror invites the viewer to interact with one's own reflection. Lightweight and easily wall-mountable, this acrylic mirror is great for both children and adults.
$150.00 at Bobby Berk Home link

2. Flensted Mobiles Puffing Troll Mobile On the island of Funen in Denmark, Flensted Mobiles, a family business, designs and makes mobiles that cover all facets of life. Relax, sit and watch the slow motion of a beautifully designed mobile enliven your space. "Puffing at trolls when feeling sad, lessens pain and makes you glad". Today's trollosophers do not believe that Puffing Trolls exist any more, but many, many years ago when trolls were still to be found in Denmark, it was common knowledge that if you fell and hurt yourself, you simply puffed at a troll and the pain stopped immediately. Remedies aside, add humor and charm to your space with this amusing mobile.
$28 at Design Public link

3. k studio Family of 4 + Dog Pillow Great design, green materials, and social responsibility need not be at odds with one another. In fact, at k studio they think these ideas are inseparable. They started this company with just this idea in mind. At Shelly and Mary Klein's growing studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they manage each product from start to finish. They start with fabric made from some of the most sustainable materials available such as hemp, organic cotton, and recycled wool. K studio designs are generated in house and are then embroidered, assembled, packaged, and shipped by their skilled team.
$152 at Design Public link

4. Wall Screen System by Designers Eye Flexible and sound absorbing screen system, covered with felted 100 % wool. Magnetic ends make it possible to connect one Wall to another, creating your own custom space (magnets included when purchasing two or more).
$599-$699 at Bobby Berk Home link

5. Tondo Watch by Alessi The Alessi Tondo Watch is a cool and elegant pattern with a classic look. Tondo Watch has a steel case with white dial covered with the strips that not only provide a different look but also helps in preventing it from side damages.
$95 at Lumens link

6. Black Cat Rechargeable Flashlighticon Who says black cats are bad luck? This hand-pumped rechargeable flashlight doesn't require batteries, uses bright LED lights, comes with handy wrist strap and is small enough to fit in your purse, pocket or glove compartment. Now, that sounds like one cool cat. Simply squeeze the lever on the side and pump for 20 seconds to receive 8 minutes worth of light. LED lights never have to be replaced, which means you can always count on your kitty to light the way. A friendly companion for kids or adults in emergencies and on camping trips. Made in China.
$10 at Uncommon Goods linkicon

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