UNusual Gifts: the Friendship Stone

Whether you are looking for the perfect corporate gift for him, a novel and unique best friend’s present for her, party favors with a flavor for either male or female guests or just a beautiful keepsake to give that special someone in your life –

The Friendship Stone is the ultimate gift of appreciation.

A unique way to demonstrate to those around you how much you value them; The Friendship Stone is a giveback gift to hold onto at all times expressing your love and support. Geared towards both the young and the old, The Friendship Stone is meant to be shared and passed on to others as a reminder of one’s own inner-strength and individuality.

Natural, variegated Tiger’s Eye, The Friendship Stone reflects Mother Earth’s natural beauty – a quality that is manifest in each of us. The ability of the stone to change with the rays of light is an important message for how one chooses to view life. Each person has the ability to alter his or her own direction in life. Whatever the challenge or situation, The Friendship Stone is a physical reminder to always look at the positive.

Show your appreciation and care with a creative and original present! Let the natural chatoyant honey-brown and blue colors of The Friendship Stone serve as a symbol of the uniqueness and individuality of your friend, employee, family member, lover and more.

The Friendship Stone is a wonderful gift of support and friendship. It is enhanced by the fact that 10% of the profits from each purchase is donated back to assist the villages in Western South Africa from where the stones originate.


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