Occasional Tea Sets

For tea-lovers like me, and lovers of Asian culture, this is a perfect gift. We found it at Uncommong Goods - linkicon

Nothing goes better with tea than a good friend to share it with. And these three tea sets capture the essence of friendship with quotable tea bags that feature sayings that are sharp, witty and at the same time sweet and touching - just like a good friend. Each set celebrates a different occasion and includes 25 tea bags with a different saying on each tag.

Choose from:

Happy Birthday: A blend of Rooibos and a Ceylon Specialty tea flavored with Vanilla and Caramel. Features sayings such as, "Are we grown-ups yet?" and "Only 20 more years until I can eat whatever I want."

Thank You: Chamomile flavored with Almond. Features sayings such as, "You made a whole bunch of happiness" and "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice."

My Friend: A blend of Rooibos and a Ceylon Specialty tea flavored with Vanilla and Caramel. With sayings such as, "Things could be worse, we could be trying on bathing suits" and "We've been through so much together, and most of it's your fault!"

All options are decaffeinated. Tea is grown in Sri Lanka. Packaged in the USA.


Amenity Trail Hemp/Organic Cotton Stocking

Amenity Trail Hemp/Organic Cotton Stocking

design: The random pattern of fallen leaves and pine needles on forest floor become a lively texture in the trail design when rendered in a single, bold hue.

materials: Printed by hand with non-toxic, water-based, eco-friendly inks on a premium fabric made from hemp and blended with organic cotton. Unlined.


PHOTOFOLD Four Panel Frame

PHOTOFOLD Four Panel Frame

Want to organize your picture collections into an attractive display for your home? New Photofold™ folding picture frames feature a space-saving, portable design that makes it easy to share your favorite memories anywhere in the house.

The self-supported units are available in 2-, 3- or 4-panel designs that can hold 12, 18 or 24 standard 4x6 photographs. Each individual compartment is made from clear plastic and features access slots for easy insertion and removal.

Additional features:

  • Accommodates up to a standard 4x6 photo, picture or card
  • Hard plastic casing prevents damage to photos
  • Panels are moveable so that pictures can be viewed from different directions
  • Collapses into a flat, compact storage position

$19.95 - Available at UnSeenonTv - link


Get a free bamboo rug + save 25% at Natural Area Rugs

25% Off SITEWIDE + Get a FREE beautifully crafted 3' x 5' Bamboo Rug + FREE SHIPPING with your order of $79 and up.

Restrictions: Custom Orders are not Included. Cannot be combined with other offers. No returns, exchanges, trades or cash equivalent options will be honored on any bonus rugs. We regret that we cannot accept special requests for this free rug. Free Rug will not be seen during checkout but we will automatically send you the rug once coupon code is applied.

Use Coupon Code: thanks08
End Date: 12/01/2008

Why we love bamboo rugs:
A bamboo rug is an ideal flooring option for many interior design goals. It can be used as a runner, or a central rug in a family room, kitchen. Bamboo rugs provide any room with a modern and stylish look.

Bamboo has long been used for flooring in Asian countries. It is environmentally friendly as it is fast growing and there is a constant, plentiful supply available. It can be harvested within two years of planting without killing the host plant.

Bamboo has been used since ancient times. In heavily populated areas, bamboo is the one material that is both affordable and plentiful to supply housing needs. It also provides the raw material for many objects in daily use in the home and at work. Oriental scholars and artists have for centuries extolled the virtues of bamboo in paintings and verse.

Natural Area Rugs have made a commitment to excellence by providing exceptional quality fiber flooring. We select only the finest natural fibers for our area rugs that blend modern technology with classic textile traditions. Nature provides variations of color and fiber thickness which combine to make each of our area rugs truly unique.

Amenity Hemp/Organic Cotton Ornaments

Hemp/Organic Cotton Ornaments by Amenity

Design: The random pattern of fallen leaves and pine needles on forest floor become a lively texture in the trail design when rendered in a single, bold hue.

Materials: Printed by hand with non-toxic, water-based, eco-friendly inks on a premium fabric made from hemp and blended with organic cotton. Filled with spun, recycled plastic bottles.

Hemp/Organic Cotton Circle Ornament

Hemp/Organic Cotton Moon Ornament

Hemp/Organic Cotton Star Ornament

Hemp/Organic Cotton Bird Ornament

They retail for $9.00 at bobbyberkhome.com - link


Domino: The Book of Decorating: A room-by-room guide to creating a home that makes you happy

Domino: The Book of Decorating: A room-by-room guide to creating a home that makes you happy

Domino: The Book of Decorating cracks the code to creating a beautiful home, bringing together inspiring rooms, how-to advice and insiders' secrets from today's premier tastemakers in an indispensable style manual. The editors take readers room by room, tapping the best ideas from domino magazine and culling insights from their own experiences. With an eye to making design accessible and exciting, this book demystifies the decorating process and provides the tools for making spaces that are personal, functional and fabulous.
If you've loved the magazine, this is a must-read!


The Soi Co. Gardenia Candle

The Soi Co. Gardenia Candle

An intoxicating sweet, floral scent. This 100% premium soy oil candle, will provide 140 or 50 hours of soot free burning depending on size choice. As SOI candles are made from natural soy, the melt pool can be used as a skin moisturizer that can be massaged into dry or irratated areas.

$15 link


Brave Space Design Hollow Dining Table

Brave Space Design Hollow Dining Table for 6
Brave Space Design Hollow Dining Table for 6

Also available: Brave Space Design Hollow Dining Table for 4

This table seats six and is great for the dining room. Below the surface of the table are slender storage pockets 18 inches deep that are perfect for holding placemats and whatever else you may need for your table. Made of 100% solid bamboo and the smooth surface is treated with an Organic Herbal Oil and a durable Non-Toxic Water Based Finish.

About Brave Space
Brave Space is a group of Brooklyn-based designers concentrating on sustainable, multi-functional objects for home and office settings. Our quality, high-end furniture is playful and modern. We embrace new tools, technologies and materials in our mission to optimize usage and minimize waste. Our bamboo plywood is made from 100% rapidly renewable bamboo, and our other plywood is certified by the stringently eco-sensitive standards of the Forest Stewardship Council. Brave Space uses only paints, stains, adhesives, and sealants with low or zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds). We finish all products with either hand-applied organic-herbal oil or a water-based spray finish. From material suppliers through finishers and manufacturers, we work with other Brooklyn small business, keeping operations local.

Available at NIMLI link


UNusual Gifts: the Friendship Stone

Whether you are looking for the perfect corporate gift for him, a novel and unique best friend’s present for her, party favors with a flavor for either male or female guests or just a beautiful keepsake to give that special someone in your life –

The Friendship Stone is the ultimate gift of appreciation.

A unique way to demonstrate to those around you how much you value them; The Friendship Stone is a giveback gift to hold onto at all times expressing your love and support. Geared towards both the young and the old, The Friendship Stone is meant to be shared and passed on to others as a reminder of one’s own inner-strength and individuality.

Natural, variegated Tiger’s Eye, The Friendship Stone reflects Mother Earth’s natural beauty – a quality that is manifest in each of us. The ability of the stone to change with the rays of light is an important message for how one chooses to view life. Each person has the ability to alter his or her own direction in life. Whatever the challenge or situation, The Friendship Stone is a physical reminder to always look at the positive.

Show your appreciation and care with a creative and original present! Let the natural chatoyant honey-brown and blue colors of The Friendship Stone serve as a symbol of the uniqueness and individuality of your friend, employee, family member, lover and more.

The Friendship Stone is a wonderful gift of support and friendship. It is enhanced by the fact that 10% of the profits from each purchase is donated back to assist the villages in Western South Africa from where the stones originate.



Light Therapy in your home

Verilux® Rise & Shine Natural Alarm Clock Bedside Lamp

Verilux® Rise & Shine - Light is the natural way to wake
The Verilux® Rise & Shine Natural Alarm Clock (dawn simulator) simulates the sunrise. Its patented timer gradually brightens its full spectrum light and helps to “switch off” the production of melatonin, allowing you to wake gently, naturally and refreshed.

Wake to songbirds and sunrise
No wonder this lamp is patented! There’s nothing like it and it’s so easy to use! Just program the built-in alarm clock with your preferred wake-up time. In the morning, the Rise & Shine lamp slowly brightens and the built-in speaker gently increases its volume until you’re fully awake. At night, the process reverses — dimming light and fading sounds gently tell your brain it’s time to sleep.

• Wake up gently and fall asleep peacefully
• Feel refreshed and energized
• Creates stress-free natural environment
• Easy to understand and operate

Verilux® TwiLight Ultra Blue Light Therapy Sleep System

Many studies have shown that the occurrence of sleep disturbance increases with age. The natural Circadian rhythm that regulates your body’s sleep cycles can be thrown off by spending more time indoors as we age. Even young children can experience difficulty falling asleep and experiencing a restful slumber. Instead of seeking relief from potentially dangerous drugs, people everywhere are looking for natural alternatives.

The new Verilux® TwiLight™ Blue Light Therapy Sleep System uses a "narrow" wavelength of the blue light spectrum (460nm) to naturally prepare your body and mind for a restful sleep.This excellent blue light exposure has been shown to optimize the re-calibration of the body’s Circadian rhythm.

Instead of taking sleep medicines or just suffering through the effects of sleep deprivation, now you can use the same therapy astronauts will employ on trips to Mars and beyond.

Simply turn on the soothing blue light about 30 minutes before going to sleep, and the precise 460nm light will tell your internal clock it is time for your body to assume its sleep mode.

Young children and infants can also benefit from bathing their bedroom in the soft glow of blue light prior to falling asleep. And, the TwiLight™ System remains cool to the touch, so it’s safe to use. The compact size (only 3.9” x 5.6” x 12”) and high/low illumination make it the perfect addition to any bedroom.


Hotman Trivet, as seen in Chile Pepper Magazine

Hotman Trivet
As seen in Chile Pepper Magazine (Nov. 08 issue)

Everyone needs a Hotman Trivet in the kitchen! This unique kitchen helper is designed to lay on the bench and use his bulging biceps to hold hot pots, dishes and plates. 8.25" tall. Width: 5.5" hand & 6" feet. Made from very durable steel, he can withstand virtually any heavy pot. What's more, his mouth even acts as a suitable hanging for storage on a rack.

# 8.25"x6"
# Metal

Hotman Trivet is available for purchase at wrapables: link

Hotman Trivet

via | blog.recipes.it


Laptop Skins by Schtickers

Laptop Skins by Schtickers is the orginal maker of designer laptop skins, laptop decals, laptop stickers and laptop covers that are removable and reusable. You can call it a laptop skin, laptop sticker, or laptop decal but they call them Schtickers.

Schtickers are designed to instantly makeover your laptop or ipod with some of your personal style. You can even upload your own image, logo, or other item to create your own custom laptop skin! They custom trim to fit any laptop (Dell laptop skins, Compaq, HP, Apple, Toshiba, Gateway, Acer, Alienware, Avertec , Sony)

Take that favorite photo and turn it into a cool cover for your laptop. Laptop Skins by Schtickers are:

• Easy to apply and remove
• A cool way to instantly makeover a laptop
• Available in a variety of styles and sizes
• Removable and reusable
• Made of high-quality vinyl with an amazing removable adhesive
• Intended for the top outside of a laptop

Some of the designs we love the most:

Laptop Skins turn your laptop into a work of art with a Fine Art Laptop Skin. LapSchticks create a unique personalized look, and are easily applied to the top of any laptop. And they come off as easily as they go on. If you change your mind on the design, simply remove the current LapSchtick and you're ready for your next look. LapSchticks are available in a wide range of different sizes, and can be trimmed to fit if needed.



Botanist Blank Canvas

Orange 22 Botanist Epigram Cocktail Table

Orange 22 Botanist Epigram Bench

Debuting in 2008, the Botanist Blank Canvas project features the original, limited-edition collections of eight designers. Each designer began with a blank Botanist end table, cocktail table and bench and then imprinted them with a unique design. Not only are these pieces eco-friendly, durable and stunning, they also give back: a portion of the sale of every product in the Blank Canvas series goes to a charity of the designer's choice. This cocktail table features the cheeky, minimal epigram design of Milton Glaser, a prolific designer whose credits include the iconic I ♥ NY logo, the World Health Organization's International AIDS Poster and the logo for the Pulitzer Prize-winning play Angels in America.