UniPo Fright Night by UNKL

UniPo Fright Night
UniPo Fright Night

Check out their stories - clockwise from top left:Figure 1: Ever watched a NASCAR race start to finish? This guy has. He even wears a diaper so he doesn't have to get up and risk missing Jeff Gordon's photo finish.Figure 2: Two-timing. Two-toned. Two-faced.Figure 3:Figure 4: He's a bat, not a rat or a squirrel. He maintains a steady diet of gummy worms, and he's a little on the tubby side because of it.Available as a set of 4 figures.

About UNKL
Derek Welch and Jason Bacon started UNKL back in 2004 in Portland, Oregon as a way to focus their creative energy on non-client based projects. They had created so many characters and stories over the years, they figured why not make something out of it. So they did.
Their first character, HazMaPo launched January of 2005. That first offering of 1,800 figures sold in about a month, so they decided to keep doing it. September of 2007 brought the first UNKL character to television. TinPo will support CBS Saturday morning cartoons with 30 second animated shorts. That brings them to where they are now. Making characters they love and getting them out in any way they can to people who also share the love


Cordoba Club Chair, a Grandin Road best-seller

Cordoba Club Chair offers the comfort of a classic club chair without the oversized footprint and four-figure price tag. This design combines all of the must-have attributes of a large-scale chair and sized them to fit a smaller space — and budget — perfectly.

* Club chair features classic design that looks beautiful with any decor
* Supple leather upholstery provides a luxurious look and feel
* Plush cushioning makes for ultra-comfortable seating
* Leather is richly dyed and expertly sewn over a sturdy hardwood frame



Leaf Umbrella

Leaf Umbrella
Leaf Umbrella
By Fred & Friends
Keep the rain off in style with this beautiful leaf-shaped umbrella. Asymmetric shape makes for better coverage and sleeker silhouette when moving through crowds.

Simply put: Fun + functional products = Fred & Friends.

Fred & Friends offer a variety of products that works, stylish, puts a smile on your face and does not cost a fortune.



Polar Bear Cushions By Zid Zid Kids

Polar Bear Cushions - set of 3
These 3 cozy polar bears are soft and lovable, and stands out from the rest. Why? They’re a bit different, you see. They’re actually white polar bears after all. However, Zid Zid has covered their white fur with all kinds of crazy printed fabrics. Maybe that’s why they have little pout faces?

Polar Bears are perfect for imaginative play and great for cuddling with at home, in the car, in the stroller, or anywhere. Three patterns to love and hug!

Handmade with recycled fabrics and touches of Zid Zid embroidery. Due to the recycling fabric method, no two Polar Bear are ever alike! Polyfilled and washable.

Zid Zid Kids was founded by married artist/designer couple Julie Klear and Moulay Essakalli in 2003 after they and their two children relocated from Massachusetts to Morocco, where Moulay was born and raised.

Julie and Moulay marries the local warm colors and unique designs to their line of high quality products for generations to enjoy, all handmade by artisans in Marrakech, Morocco.



Eco-Chic Lights

With the days growing shorter and shorter, lights gain their dual functional and decorative use again. Here's a collection of eco-friendly, eco-chic, simply amazing lights.

Porcelain Night Owl Lamp
Porcelain Night Owl Lamp
Who better to watch over youthrough the dark than our softlyluminous owl? With every featherperfectly replicated in porcelain,our wise night owl stands guardagainst bad dreams while beckoninga brighter day ahead. Comes with 10W bulb.


Himalayan Salt Lamp
Himalayan Salt Lamp
This plug-in spa salt lampcasts a calming tangerine glowand broadcasts a warm, luminousmessage of purity andhealth. Its ancient salt crystalsemit negative ions, the naturalpurifiers you feel in the airafter a cleansing rainstorm.


Agate Nightlight
Agate Nightlight
Gemstones that are striped by nature, agates crystallize inside lava when gas bubbles fill with mineralized water and solidify into concentric circles in a wide variety of colors. That explains their composition, but does no justice to their singular beauty. Sliced thin, as in our nightlight, the agate's circular form becomes translucent and casts a luminous aura to artfully guide you through the dark. 3.5"D


Leaf Night Light - Silver
Leaf Night Lights
A shimmering leaf, preserved by dipping in iridescent minerals, gently glows to illuminate dark rooms and passages, transforming the common night light into a captivating art piece.


Horizon Night Light
Horizon Night Light
For nearly two decades theGrays have operated a familyrun studio selling the art theycreate. This year, they'vedecided to focus on ecologicalawareness and we were captivatedby the simple beauty of thisnightlight, createdentirely from fused glass recycledfrom bottles and containers.They call this project reborn glassand we think they've fulfilledtheir motto brilliantly: "a trashto treasure artistic endeavor."



eco Vino!

by Bonnie Trust Dahan
VivaTerra Founding Partner

At this time of year, our thoughts turn to the harvest and the extraordinary bounty of colorful vegetables appearing in farmer’s markets everywhere. In our part of the world, northern California, another harvest is taking place in the vineyards. Whether it’s sauvignon blanc in early September or cabernet sauvignon at the end of October, the roads of Napa and Sonoma counties are humming with gondolas carrying grapes from vineyard to winery. The good news for all of us is that the wine industry has moved to the forefront of sustainable agriculture. There are now more than 100 wineries using grapes that are grown without pesticides or herbicides. Green wine is finally coming of age.

Wine Barrel Lazy SusanInside and out. The good news is not only about the wine, but also about the vessels that age it. In the past, thousands of barrels became waste every year. Why? After two years, the tight grained white oak no longer contributes its distinctive character to the lushness and depth that we appreciate in fine wine.

In fact, a staggering amount of wine barrels are thrown away every year. In California alone, 200,000 oak wine barrels made from 200- to 300-year-old trees are discarded annually. That’s where we come in. While the barrel might lose its primary value to the winemaker, we discovered that the wine saturated fine oak staves become very desirable as a woodworking resource. I can think of no other reclaimed material that is more attractive in its reinvented guise than these barrels. Whether it is transformed into functional furniture or a table top serving piece, I’ve never come across stained wood that combines the richness of color and the patina imbued by burgundy saturated fine oak staves.

Wine Barrel Stave Bread BowlWhat has attracted me all along to barrel stave products is the durable, elegant grain of the oak married to the evocative, faint aroma that lingers from the wine. I’m constantly amazed at the versatility and diversity of products that emerge from the imagination, design and skilled hands of our artisans. It’s almost as if the spirit of the wine itself brings out their ultimate creativity.

Where the barrel meets the glass. Serving organic wine in beautifully designed recycled glasses completes the eco vino cycle. Like the Mediterraneans, who've been enjoying wine for about 5,000 years, you may prefer your wine in casual tumblers that dispense with formality and provide carefree quaffing. Or, for a more classic serving option, you can serve your finest vintages in a graceful, elegant stem.

With the holiday season approaching, we urge you to choose wine that is sustainably produced. Simply check the label information to see if the wine is pesticide free. Pour your beverage into a recycled glass and toast the greening of the vine.


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Eco-friendly clothing: BE Love

The practice of peace through nonviolent action is essential as we work to create a world in which all people are respected, honored, and treated with dignity. People who care must take action to confront the injustices that harm our human family. As we come to know our interconnectedness with all people and know that violence to anyone is harm to everyone, it is necessary to take action on behalf of ourselves and one another. In this spirit we will remedy the great challenges that we face.

Each of us has something to contribute in the work to end poverty, the wars being waged, the exploitation of people and the earth’s resources. We have both the power and responsibility to create a much better world. Nonviolent action is called for not out of a temporary circumstance, but because it is always necessary for the creation of justice, peace, and freedom. Nonviolent direct action in the spirit of Dr. King, M.K. Gandhi and other truth champions creates a course for humanity that honors the dignity of all beings. Through the lives and work of these teachers we have a proven road map for creating social justice.

Apparel for Change
BE LOVE has designed a beautiful line of apparel featuring original art - they donate 10% of all sales from shirts to Common Peace, an organization that has created a powerful and comprehensive curriculum that has been designed to help teach the principles of peace, nonviolence, and conflict resolution. The remaining profits sustain BE LOVE and go towards building nonviolence workshops and teach-ins as well as funding campaigns of non-violent direct action. Their t-shirts communicate a message of strength, compassion, and loving determination for peace and social justice.

It is essential that we educate ourselves and our communities in the power of nonviolence. We are organizing and committing ourselves to implement strategic and compassionate campaigns of nonviolent action. It is time to move out of patterns of apathy and distraction in order to create the Justice and Peace we envision for our lives and our world. Be Love is sharing with people the purpose, spirit, and methods of non-violence. We are empowering people to support and take nonviolent action. Your loving determination is essential to this effort.



Site of the day: Artworks Jewelry

Artworks Jewelry creates unique, artist-made jewelry. Their organic designs and modern style are made by the finest jewelry artists.

Artworks Jewelry online boutique specializes in contemporary handcrafted jewelry and accessories created from natural and unique materials.

They carry work designed and handcrafted by some of today’s most creative jewelry designers and artisans – using a variety of natural and unique materials including sterling silver, gold vermeil, aluminum, pearls, resin, glass, sea glass, beads, concrete, semi-precious stones, shell, porcelain, wood, enamel, cork, and more.

Their handbags are a beautiful mix of form and function - crafted from silk, leather, cotton, and grosgrain ribbon, with touches of metals, beads, and stones.

Some of our favorites items in their store are: