UNusual ways to wash your hands

Why do it the ol' school way, when you can add pizzaz to the boring act of washing your hands? (ps: remember to rub for 17 seconds to ensure thorough washing)


Whether it's a cool spring rain washing down over the earth, a meandering forest stream trickling over stones, or a majestic ocean wave crashing against the rocks on its shore, the cleansing power of nature is all around us.

Add these perfectly honed pebbles to your soap dish and experience a touch of nature in your own home.

SoapShells SeaShell Hand Soap
SoapShells SeaShell Hand Soap

SoapShells bring the cleansing power of the ocean to your soap dish. Individually wrapped seashells look so much like the real thing, you may not wish to wash your hands with them.

Each SoapShells box comes with three scented shells.

Mini Gummy Bear Soap
Mini Gummy Bear Soaps

We love us some gummy bears at Vat19.com. So much so that even when we're not in a snacking mood, we can't resist adorning our bathrooms with these adorable, colorful soaps. Each package includes twenty-five Gummy Bears that are the same size, shape, and smell as the real deal. Includes five each of cherry/red, pineapple/milky white, lime/green, lemon/yellow, and orange/orange.

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