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A cult classic in the art world, the Diana camera produces images that are soft and dreamy with super-saturated colors, unpredictable blurring and random contrast. A grittier alternative to the digital camera, the Diana infuses unexpected meaning, wonderful imperfections and an artistic edge into what might just be an ordinary shot.
You'll be able to shoot incredible images with multiple exposures, overlapping frames, nighttime exposures and light leaks. It even has a panoramic and pin hole feature. Each camera is accompanied by an instructional booklet and hardcover book, Diana: True Tales and Short Stories, which explores the history and uses of the camera and includes interviews and photos. Uses 120 film.

Originally the Diana camera was made in the 1960s at a small firm in Hong Kong. It was made entirely out of plastic and cost about a dollar. It failed in the market and was discontinued in the 1970s, which of course boosted its status to collector's item. This model is based on the original and recreated in 2007.

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