TinPo Fashion Victims by UNKL

TinPo Fashion Victims
TinPo Fashion Victims

If we hear them say that they are "ready for their close-up" one more time, we might have to kill off another one. Please, take them home. Packaged with a death certificate for their former TinPo counterpart, Lou.Available as a set of 4 figures.

About UNKL
Derek Welch and Jason Bacon started UNKL back in 2004 in Portland, Oregon as a way to focus their creative energy on non-client based projects. They had created so many characters and stories over the years, they figured why not make something out of it. So they did.
Their first character, HazMaPo launched January of 2005. That first offering of 1,800 figures sold in about a month, so they decided to keep doing it. September of 2007 brought the first UNKL character to television. TinPo will support CBS Saturday morning cartoons with 30 second animated shorts. That brings them to where they are now. Making characters they love and getting them out in any way they can to people who also share the love

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