Blu Dot Bonnie and Clyde Sofa

Blu Dot Bonnie and Clyde Sofa  - Chalk
Blu Dot Bonnie and Clyde Sofa
When the ladies here at Design Public are looking for a little fashion inspiration they often find themselves renting the 1967 classic Bonnie & Clyde. Faye Dunaway is hands down the best dressed woman on the planet in that movie. She wears a beret better than any girl Prince might have seen in a Five and Dime and she carries a pistol like a must-have handbag. The woman is flawless.

So it is fitting that the Blu Dot Bonnie sofa is a knock out, and when paired with the Clyde it's an even more killer combination. Available in dark roast, chalk and guacamole the only accessory you'll need is a partner in crime.

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