Swopper - the new seating platform

Are you feeling tired, stressed, achy, overworked? You need a recliner! A growing number of studies are showing that use of a recliner helps to reduce everyday stress. Or you just need Swopper - the new seating platform!

German innovation in technology and design has created the unique Swopper seating platform. It introduces the critical missing ingredient of motion into the seated task. Swopper introduces a whole range of natural, fluid and intuitive motion including tilting, swaying and bouncing.
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Benefits of "sitting in Motion" with Swopper:
* Provides a fun energized experience while seated.
* Strengthens core muscles of the back and abdomen.
* Improves posture and stabilization of the spine.
* Improves circulation to the lower extremities.
* Improves nourishment to the inter-veterbral discs. Enhances your balance and overall relationship with gravity
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