Tea Pot Warmer Set

Tea Pot Warmer Seticon
Keep Me Warm

How often do you make a pot of coffee or tea, pour yourself a fresh cup, get distracted and come back later to an ice cold cup of your favorite hot drink? Skip the microwave and skip reheating. With this fabulously functional tea pot warmer, all your warm drinks stay just that, warm.

The sleek design allows for the white ceramic pot to fit snugly inside the special metal canister, which keeps the drink warm for over an hour. The pot warmer comes accompanied by a cylindrical tea strainer, so you can brew and serve out of the same container. And you will be pleasantly surprised to find a tiny hole in the spout that prevents annoying spillage that happens during pouring. The liquid only goes into the cup and not down the front of the pot onto the table. Enjoy a hot drink the way it is meant to be - leisurely and calmly. Works great for any hot drink, including coffee, hot chocolate or cider.

Includes ceramic teapot, stainless steel strainer, and stainless steel tea pot warmer.

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