Song of Songs

Song of Songs explores the mystery of romantic love.
Why do we fall so deeply in love?
Why are relationships so difficult?
Are life-long monogamous relationships still possible in today's world?

Some of today's prominent experts and ordinary people explore these questions and more in the Emmy-nominated documentary film SONG OF SONGS. This endearing film addresses an often misunderstood topic that most of us spend much of our lives trying to find, maintain, or rekindle...romantic love.

Filmmaker Chris Brickler interviewed over 150 people around the world, from all walks of life, trying to understand the essence of what makes relationships successful.

Spiritual Cinema Circle co-founder Stephen Simon says, "Brickler's debut film is passionate, mesmerizing, humorous, and touching. SONG OF SONGS is a paean to love in all its wonderful, messy, and complex glory. In addition, Brickler's background as a musician serves the film beautifully, as the music throughout is both haunting and utterly romantic."

With the divorce rate at 50% and statistics showing that 60% of men and 40% of women cheat, the film asks, "Are we built to be monogamous"? Relationship expert Harville Hendrix offers this insight: "Stay in your relationship when it's the worst because when it gets really bad, it's about to change, yet most people leave so they never get to the change and it's such a tragedy."

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