Ecolution for the home

The ECOLUTION line of 100% hemp products demonstrates a deep commitment to quality, value, and ecology. In all the years of manufacturing they have gained the knowledge of what is essential to produce a premium quality product.

Quality Commitment - ECOLUTION uses only premium quality 100% hemp fabrics in their linen line. These fabrics are weaved in-house to the unwavering quality control standards developed in the many years of experience weaving hemp fabrics. All Ecolution fabrics are made from hemp fibers that have been mechanically processed with a chemical-free, environmentally-sound technology basd on traditional methods used for hemp processing in Eastern Europe. This ecological processing distinguishes our line, making it superior to the chemically processed short-fiber hemp products from China.

Fiber-Reactive Dyes - All ECOLUTION fabrics are dyed with eco-friendly fiber-reactive dyes. Fiber reactive dyes are a good example of how superior quality materials are often more ecological. These dyes are both the best quality and most environmentally-sound man-made dyes available. Because the dye molecules bond directly with the fiber molecules very little residual dye comes out in the wastewater during manufacturing or when washed by the customer. These dyes contain no heavy metals or other known toxic substances, and they meet all European Union criteria for being an eco-friendly pigment.

Ecolution Organic Hemp Hammock for Two

Ecolution's organic hemp hammock is huge, comfey, and roomy enough for 2 people!
It has a full strong canvas sling, held up by strong, beautifully woven hemp rope and 2 strong metal rings. It's just begging for a cool breeze and a couple of trees to hang from!
Features: Wood Spreader Bar and Fabric Bed
82" X 57.5"
Made from 100% organically grown, natural, undyed hemp.

Ecolution Rainbow Organic Hemp Beanie

Stay warm this winter with Ecolution's hip hemp knit Rainbow Beanie - a perfect combination of style and comfort. Add the matching scarf for a great gift set. One size fits all.

* Organic Hemp
* 100% Biodegradable
* Fair Trade
* Chemical-Free Processing
* Natural Dyes
* Made in Romania

Ecolution products are available at Nubius Organics

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