LC2 Petit Modele Armchair- Black Leather

LC2 Petit Modele Armchair- Black Leather

The Le Corbusier group referred to their LC2 and LC3 collections as "cushion baskets" which they designed in 1928 as a modernist response to the traditional club chair. With cushions held in place without being tethered to the frame, the idea was to offer all the comfort of a padded surface while applying the elegant minimalism and industrial rationale of the International Style. Following the example of the LC1 Sling Chair, these pieces reverse the standard structures of sofas and chairs by having frames that are externalized. The resulting aesthetic of the simple tubular structure is remarkably relevant to how we live today, three-quarters of a century later. Thick, resilient pillows rest within the frames and provide the kind of sumptuousness rarely found in even the finest overstuffed conventional chairs. The differences among the groups are that the LC2 is more compactly scaled, and the LC3 has down-wrapped cushions that create a softer look and feel. Each piece is signed and numbered and, as a product of Cassina's Masters Collection, is manufactured by Cassina in Italy under exclusive worldwide license from the Le Corbusier Foundation.

Did you know? The LC2 Grand Confort Petite Model Armchair was featured in an episode of the Ugly Betty show. This is actually Bradford's studio armchair.

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