Hi Back Freedom Chair Furniture

Hi Back Freedom Chair Furniture

Niels Diffrient's Freedom Chair (1999) was a breakthrough in ergonomic task seating. The Headrest version offers height-adjustable, customized support for the head, allowing for proper eye-level positioning when working long hours at a computer station. Often, ergonomic chairs are likely to be improperly positioned, resulting in the creation of more problems than they solve. The Freedom Chair is simpler than other chairs - a unique counterbalancing tilt mechanism self-adjusts according to the user’s weight and movement, thus eliminating the need for manual fixes. Any adjustments can be easily made while the user is seated for accurate positioning. The seat cushion provides excellent shock absorption and weight distribution for unmatched comfort. Made from a two-way stretch woven fabric, the seat cover is durable enough for contract applications. The Freedom Chair was awarded the 2002 National Design Award from the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt Museum. Made in U.S.A.

Did you know? The Hi Back Freedom Chair Furniture was featured in an episode of the Ugly Betty show. This is actually Bradford's studio chair.

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