Wallhogs, new personalized way of decorating

Wallhogs- The NEW Personalized Way of Decorating
Wallhogs.com specializes in life size digital prints of your photographs and/or artwork in sizes from 2 feet to 7 feet tall and up to 4.5 feet wide. They print on Their signature reusable vinyl material, glossy poster, or a fine art canvas.

Visit Wallhogs.com and see for yourself how creativity, innovation and customer satisfaction go hand in hand with Wallhogs.

Wallhogs has gained much popularity since they launched and have already licensed Gwen Stefani, Nine Inch Nails and Social Distortion. In addition to their licensed content, they also have custom content which allows us users to be creative and design just about anything that we can imagine.

Your Photos + Upload= Wallhogs BIG Custom Prints

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