UNusual Gifts for the Pets & Pet Lovers

1. Charlybox (SORRY, OUT OF STOCK) Spoil Fido with a picnic of his own, packed inside the durable Charlybox. Much like a canteen for campers, this simple design is a compact carrier for your pet’s food and water.

2. Cat Scratch Wall Articon Only the coolest of cats will file their claws on this scratching post. And even the trendiest of cat owners will take to its modern design. The steel frame - with hidden keyhole wall mounts - holds the refillable corrugated cardboard insert that even the finickiest of felines can dig their claws into.

3. Handmade Pet Bowlsicon Treat them to fun, distinctive dinnerware that's engineered specifically for their floor-based dining needs. The thick, heavy dog bowl is sturdy enough to resist being knocked over and holds enough grub to satiate even the biggest canines. The cat bowl is similarly resilient but is sized for kitty's daintier appetite. Each bowl features your pet's signature sound hand stamped in newsprint-style typeface and colors.

4. Zen Chew Toysicon This line of dog toys was created out of a love for the wise and ancient cultures of China and India, and, of course, for dogs everywhere. Now you can finally get a chew toy for your dog that is hip and much more attractive than the typical rubber fire hydrant or squeaky steak.

5. Bella Dog Bedsicon These pet beds are the top-dog in design and comfort for man's and woman's best friend. Each bed is a cozy cave shape that will conform to and support your pet's body. The soft breathable material is 100% hypoallergenic, washable and regulates temperature so your pet is always comfortable.

6. Crypton Dog Beds In color combinations found only at DWR, this durable Dog Bed features Crypton Super Fabrics®’ superior stain, water and bacteria resistance. Woven with the breathable impermeability found in the interior layer of disposable diapers, this fabric creates a barrier that keeps most stains from going through to the cushion. The result is a mess-free, odor-free environment for canine and human. Each bed is made with two fabrics. The beds made with fabrics Polka and Posey, which feature prints by William Wegman, have faux suede on the sides and bottom. The other beds are a combination of striped and solid fabrics.

7. Beware Of Dog Maticon Whether your guard dog is a pint-sized pooch or a huge hound, this doormat with a chunk bitten out is sure to make visitors think before crossing your threshold. But once they dare decide to enter, the mat's natural coconut fiber will clean their shoes and its non-skid backing will keep it in place.

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