Icon of Modernism : The Bauhaus Building Dessau

Icon of Modernism : The Bauhaus Building Dessau

The Bauhaus building in Dessau, Germany, is not just an Icon of Modernism but an international media star: ever since December 4, 1926, when Walter Gropius dedicated this building for his world-famous school of design, hundreds of magazines, books, postcards and even advertising campaigns have imprinted its image in people's minds. Of late the Bauhaus building has come to be seen as somewhat of an aging star, but on this, its eightieth anniversary, its long restoration process has finally come to an end. This compilation of photographs and documentation illuminates the complex renovation process, which--by means of meticulous architectural research and careful handling of surfaces and historical traces--has not only revealed the history of the building's uses, which have been important in themselves, but also opened up new perspectives on a unique architectural and philosophical treasure.

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