X-ray Art

X-rays reveal the hidden beauty of natural forms, the structures and symmetry not visible to the human eye, the ephemeral and eerie world of which we are largely unaware.
Capturing the delicacy of nature, x-rays of flowers and leaves give new life to your walls:

HIBISCUS Steven Meyers captures the structure and beauty of a hibiscus. The x-ray photograph is detailed and dramatic.
Our wall decor is designed to protect and showcase your new print.
With a black 1.75" frame, fade-resistant ink and dry mounted paper, our home decor is made to last. The gray and chalk-colored mat displays your print in style.

CALLA LEAF I Artist Steven N. Meyers has given us a rare look at the inner workings of nature with this X-ray image of a calla leaf. With half of the image black and half white, we see a sharp, stylized contrast.

CALLA LEAF II Giving nature a bit of a modern twist, artist Steven N. Meyers is showing us a rare look at the inner workings of a calla leaf. This X-ray photograph is further enhanced by a striking black and white background.

CELOSIAS Artist Steven N. Meyers created an interestingly beautiful work that's just right for your home. The X-ray-like photograph can be interpreted as trees or leaves depending on how you perceive it.

DATURA Like you, your home is distinct, and what better way to enhance it than with this X-ray image by artist Steven N. Meyers? This piece provides a beautifully opaque look at the Datura or thorn apple flowering plant.

Available online from Home Decorators Collection

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