Make it a 'greener' holiday season

If rules are made to be broken, it’s safe to say that some holiday traditions are made to be reinvented. That’s especially true today, when so many of us are finding ways to conserve energy and recycle in an effort to preserve depleted natural resources.

A Second Life for Gift Packaging
Gift-wrapping is a good place to begin. Recently I read about the “revisionist wrapper” who calls his technique Wrap Art. Throughout the year he collects fabric, paper scraps and ribbons, and with his handy glue gun, he attaches and recycles them into wonderfully eccentric holiday gift enclosures.

Root Of The Earth Bowls (set of 3)

You can find non-traditional gift containers as well. The Root Of The Earth Bowls or Baskets, made from reclaimed wood, can be filled with your own baked goods and confections. These unconventional containers last well past their initial use and, once emptied, they can be used as containers or vases or centerpieces.

Sweater Stocking

As a replacement for the standard gift bag use a holiday stocking that can be reused next year. These colorful stockings are made from recycled sweaters and if you’re at all like me, they’ll warm your heart just as much as they delight your gift recipients.

Eco Decorating
Simple green alternatives can produce surprising results. While standard Christmas tree lights use up considerable energy over time, new LED lights, readily available, are up to 90 percent more efficient, and 200 times brighter!

Tin Can Angels (set of 4)

They cast a lovely glow on the Tin Can Angels, one of my personal favorites this holiday season. These wonderfully whimsical ornaments are made by a rural cooperative in Guatamala from recycled soda pop cans. Bottle tops become faces, while the sides of the cans are refashioned into celestial robes and wings.

Festive Sweater Wreath

There’s something about taking a non-conventional approach to hallowed traditions that brings out the resourcefulness of artists and craftspeople. When we came across a wonderfully colorful wreath made from sweaters we knew we had to offer it as a quirky alternative to the traditional wreath. Unorthodox? Absolutely. But also, I think, entirely festive and cheerful in the spirit of the season—a season of renewal for all of us, and with some help, for our planet as well.

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