Instant Design Tips and Inspirations

  1. Move furniture around from season to season.

  2. Alter cushions and covers creating different looks.

  3. Cushions and throw rugs are a quick way of adding detail, texture and colour to a room. Make good use of them!

  4. Gold and silver trim on materials always adds an element of luxury.

  5. Artwork and ornaments deserve their own space and provide focal points to a room.

  6. Select a frame for artwork that will enhance the work not distract from it.

  7. Painting the walls in a new colour provides a quick makeover to the space at little expense.

  8. Be careful with the use of a feature wall of colour as it may alter the perception of depth or width to the room.

  9. When purchasing new furniture, think long term. It is easier to change the style of your accessories than large items like a sofa!

  10. If you want to disguise an ugly fixture in a room, eg timber cupboards - paint it the same colour as the walls and it will no longer stand out.

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