Feng Shui à porter

Ancient legend has it that before there were Feng Shui fountains, dragon basins, such as this handcast, copper patina brass
TIBETAN DRAGON BASIN, were used to harmonize the energy of the home and bring longevity to its occupants. These basins were known as far back as the Han Dynasty (approx. 2,000 years ago) and are relatively rare in the United States.
They are said to bring good dragon energy (the energy of new births, fertile growing, expansion, etc.) to the owner. Carefully rubbing the brass "ears" on the sides of the bowl when it is filled with water causes the bowl to emit a beautiful tone, similar to that of a Tibetan singing bowl. The sound acts to harmonize the chakras and the surrounding energy of the home. Some people even rouse the bowl to spout water upward when they are toning. Supposedly, the higher the water spouts, the longer your life.

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