Fancy a hot cocoa?

Rosanna "Hot Chocolate" Collection While it’s obvious that American temperaments are most often suited to the stimulations of coffee, a growing number of us long for a time when life was simpler and food was slower. With her whimsical Hot Chocolate Collection, designer Rosanna Bowles restores seductive liquid chocolate to its rightful place in our culture.
Re-define the unhurried hot chocolate experience with her charming pieces, each with "Hot Chocolate" inscribed in swirling gold calligraphy across the ceramic. These richly handcrafted, dishwasher and microwave-safe pieces are perfect for a cozy breakfast, a chilly afternoon Hot Chocolate “Tea,” or for after-dinner service on a cold winter’s night. Each cup offers refuge from stressed-out modern life, a change of pace from jam-packed schedules.

Aztec Hot Chocolate Gift Tins Drinking chocolate is a pleasant habit to cultivate, as each exquisite cup gently shifts fatigue, lifts the spirits, and kindles warm liquid memories of childhood. Savor each sip of the smooth, rich beverage that is at once exotic and familiar, stimulating and comforting. Even if just for the moment, hot chocolate makes the world a better place.
Along with single-malt Scotch, single-origin coffees, and vineyard-designated wines, hot chocolate made from blends of luxurious varietal chocolates now appears on New York City menus along with the other steamed milk drinks, and as a dessert in its own right.
To the ancient Aztecs, hot chocolate was a sacred drink. Inspired by the history of the roasted bean of the tropical cacao tree, Soho chocolatier Mariebelle has created this intense, satisfying drinking chocolate using only the richest Venezuelan dark chocolate, no cocoa powder. Gently boil milk or water over medium-high heat, add MarieBelle's Original Aztec Hot Chocolate, stir, and enjoy. It is divinely decadent and supremely simple. MarieBelle fan Oprah Winfrey says, "This amazing, rich hot chocolate will go fast, but you might want to keep the great vintage-looking box around for a while."

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