Classic Decor

The Courthouse Bench

The Courthouse Bench Classicism bespeaks timelessness as well as application in nearly every setting. Like a fine oriental rug or a simple strand of pearls, the Courthouse Chair would be difficult to mis-apply. Its soft curvilinear lines, the beauty of the natural American Maple in a wide variety of finishes have great, natural visual and tactile appeal.
Inspired by The Bank of England Chair, its designer was told that it couldn't be built! But Gunlocke is one of the few companies expert in the steam-bending technique, where a solid piece of wood can be bent to a desired shape, rather than joining separate, sawed pieces of wood. Design, engineering, special machinery and tooling were all key to the manufacture of the Courthouse Chair, which is utilized today in our great libraries, universities and courthouses. It is one of the most beautiful and comfortable pieces of American furniture.
The Courthouse Chair was inspired by over 100 years of endurance in design and visually resolved from all angles — something that few three-dimensional objects can attain. It looks stunning in a traditional setting, but is equally splendid in more spare and contemporary ones.

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