X-ray Art

X-rays reveal the hidden beauty of natural forms, the structures and symmetry not visible to the human eye, the ephemeral and eerie world of which we are largely unaware.
Capturing the delicacy of nature, x-rays of flowers and leaves give new life to your walls:

HIBISCUS Steven Meyers captures the structure and beauty of a hibiscus. The x-ray photograph is detailed and dramatic.
Our wall decor is designed to protect and showcase your new print.
With a black 1.75" frame, fade-resistant ink and dry mounted paper, our home decor is made to last. The gray and chalk-colored mat displays your print in style.

CALLA LEAF I Artist Steven N. Meyers has given us a rare look at the inner workings of nature with this X-ray image of a calla leaf. With half of the image black and half white, we see a sharp, stylized contrast.

CALLA LEAF II Giving nature a bit of a modern twist, artist Steven N. Meyers is showing us a rare look at the inner workings of a calla leaf. This X-ray photograph is further enhanced by a striking black and white background.

CELOSIAS Artist Steven N. Meyers created an interestingly beautiful work that's just right for your home. The X-ray-like photograph can be interpreted as trees or leaves depending on how you perceive it.

DATURA Like you, your home is distinct, and what better way to enhance it than with this X-ray image by artist Steven N. Meyers? This piece provides a beautifully opaque look at the Datura or thorn apple flowering plant.

Available online from Home Decorators Collection

5 simple things to help the planet during the holidays

1. Replace conventional tree lights with energy efficient LED lights. We would save enough energy to heat 200,000 homes for a year if everyone did.

2. When shopping, say no to a different bag for each purchase and keep everything in the first bag you receive.

3. Wrap gifts in old maps, newspapers, Sunday comics, and kids' artwork.

4. Turn down the heat before the guests arrive. You'll save energy while the extra body heat of your guests will warm up the room.

5. If your buying batteries for your gifts, make sure they are rechargeable.

Make it a 'greener' holiday season

If rules are made to be broken, it’s safe to say that some holiday traditions are made to be reinvented. That’s especially true today, when so many of us are finding ways to conserve energy and recycle in an effort to preserve depleted natural resources.

A Second Life for Gift Packaging
Gift-wrapping is a good place to begin. Recently I read about the “revisionist wrapper” who calls his technique Wrap Art. Throughout the year he collects fabric, paper scraps and ribbons, and with his handy glue gun, he attaches and recycles them into wonderfully eccentric holiday gift enclosures.

Root Of The Earth Bowls (set of 3)

You can find non-traditional gift containers as well. The Root Of The Earth Bowls or Baskets, made from reclaimed wood, can be filled with your own baked goods and confections. These unconventional containers last well past their initial use and, once emptied, they can be used as containers or vases or centerpieces.

Sweater Stocking

As a replacement for the standard gift bag use a holiday stocking that can be reused next year. These colorful stockings are made from recycled sweaters and if you’re at all like me, they’ll warm your heart just as much as they delight your gift recipients.

Eco Decorating
Simple green alternatives can produce surprising results. While standard Christmas tree lights use up considerable energy over time, new LED lights, readily available, are up to 90 percent more efficient, and 200 times brighter!

Tin Can Angels (set of 4)

They cast a lovely glow on the Tin Can Angels, one of my personal favorites this holiday season. These wonderfully whimsical ornaments are made by a rural cooperative in Guatamala from recycled soda pop cans. Bottle tops become faces, while the sides of the cans are refashioned into celestial robes and wings.

Festive Sweater Wreath

There’s something about taking a non-conventional approach to hallowed traditions that brings out the resourcefulness of artists and craftspeople. When we came across a wonderfully colorful wreath made from sweaters we knew we had to offer it as a quirky alternative to the traditional wreath. Unorthodox? Absolutely. But also, I think, entirely festive and cheerful in the spirit of the season—a season of renewal for all of us, and with some help, for our planet as well.

These items are available online at VivaTerra: natural home décor, organic gifts and more.


A new touch to your surroundings

Midsummer Pendant Light

This Midsummer Pendant Light is a creative double layer paper pendant light in tyvek, with a cone-shaped safety protector. This light is tear, temperature and water resistant. Handwashable care. Designed by award-winning designer Tord Boontje. Winner of numerous awards such as the best product design award at the NY International Gift Show (2004), best lighting award at the Stockholm Gift Show (2004), and was also elected for the 100 best design issue of Metropolitan Home magazine (2004). Maximum lamp rating: 60-watt. Electrical cord sold separately. Available in White and Red.


See Stars

iconiconFill your ceiling with stars as you light this lusciously shaped night light from designer Jim Schatz. Schatz turns to one of life's classic symbols for this handmade ceramic creation that turns your room into a splendid dream-like environment. When the bulb is lit, the STAR EGG NIGHT LIGHTicon sends beams of light across to your ceilings and walls so you can sleep under the stars - all in the comfort of your own bed. Handmade in New York. Uses one 15-watt bulb, included.


Environmentally friendly

A softer, more yielding version of traditional recycling containers, this set of 4 Recycling Bags from DWR can function as holdalls for recyclables as well as reusable shopping bags and gardening totes. Made of industrial-strength tarpaulin–a heavy double-warp fabric that is plastic-coated– the bags are waterproof and can be quickly washed out in the sink or outside with a garden hose. Each bag is color coded to provide easy visual cues when separating cans from bottles from papers. A fourth bag can function as a compost holder. Velcro tabs enable the bags to be ganged together in a row; handles make for easy carrying. Four interchangeable printed labels are included for use in the plastic window on the front of each bag.


Instant room transformation

Transform your floor with DWR FLOR Tiles: a simple modern solution. DWR FLOR Designer helps you find the style, texture and pattern that will bring life to your room. Then enter your room and FLOR dimensions to see what the pattern will look like. It's just a 1-2-3 online operation!
Minimum order size is six tiles. Heights and textures may vary between collections. Orders up to 160 tiles ship within 72 hours; 160+ tiles require 4 weeks.


Instant Design Tips and Inspirations

  1. Move furniture around from season to season.

  2. Alter cushions and covers creating different looks.

  3. Cushions and throw rugs are a quick way of adding detail, texture and colour to a room. Make good use of them!

  4. Gold and silver trim on materials always adds an element of luxury.

  5. Artwork and ornaments deserve their own space and provide focal points to a room.

  6. Select a frame for artwork that will enhance the work not distract from it.

  7. Painting the walls in a new colour provides a quick makeover to the space at little expense.

  8. Be careful with the use of a feature wall of colour as it may alter the perception of depth or width to the room.

  9. When purchasing new furniture, think long term. It is easier to change the style of your accessories than large items like a sofa!

  10. If you want to disguise an ugly fixture in a room, eg timber cupboards - paint it the same colour as the walls and it will no longer stand out.


Route 66

Artist Aaron Foster takes you on a recycling road trip with a one-of-a-kind handmade LICENSE PLATE MAP icon of the USA. Each state is represented by an authentic license plate and mounted on a painted, cedar background, with Alaska and Hawaii included on separate boards. Each map is one-of-a-kind and comes with "D" rings attached to the back for mounting. Handmade in California. Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle.


American pride

Handmade from vintage US license plates by artist Aaron Foster, the LADY LIBERTY icon
combines three of our nation's greatest icons: the Statue of Liberty, the Stars and Stripes, and the automobile. Standing before the American flag, LADY
holds out her torch to the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, all carved from vintage license plates from across the country and mounted on painted pine. Each is one of a kind. Handmade in California.


Fun With Geography

From California to the New York Island, this THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND iconis a colorful map and it' made for you and your child. Adorned with the capitals, landmarks and wildlife of each state, it's perfect for teaching children about America. Laminated on both sides for extra strength, the map includes 50 stickers to label where loved ones live, from the Redwood Forest all the way to the Gulf Stream waters. Has sturdy grommets for hanging.


Spread the Joy at work

Buddha Desk Organizer

Spread the joy with this Buddha Desk Organizer.
Place this organizer on your desk in the office or den and let the laughing Buddhas remind you to smile throughout the day. This perfect desktop organizer keeps stray envelopes or other paperwork in place between two Buddha bellies. Can be used to organize letter and media.